Monday, November 9, 2009

Phantom Alert Review - No More Speeding Tickets

Phanton Alert is a software you can simply download into your GPS and get updates as to where exactly police radar traps are. These speed traps can cost drivers hundreds of dollars every time they are stopped, but with the help of Phanton Alert , you will not even need a radar detector any longer. Radar detectors can often be bypassed by new technologies that law enforcement officers are using.

How does Phantom Alert Work?

Drivers and paid spotters for Phanton Alert will monitor traffic areas. They then go to a website and report Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras, Speeding Cameras, Driving under the influence Checkpoints, and other enforcement areas. This then is quickly displayed on ones GPS enabled navigational tool, via their wifi connection they have in their vehicle. Every single time you approach a law enforcement area you will be alerted, much like a radar detector with a map. Because of the location enabled detection, you will be able to see far ahead up the road, enabling you to turn off the road, slow down, and avoid a possible arrest or traffic ticket.

Their Moto is “Drivers Helping Drivers.” It’s sort of like when you are driving down the highway and a fellow vehicle flashes their high beams at you to warn you about an upcoming speed trap. The only difference is that with this service, you will have hundreds of drivers looking out for your well being.

How Well Does it Work?

If you are getting too many alerts set the distance shorter. I set mine to 600 feet and I get accurate and timely alerts. You know you can customize the alerts and pick your own POIs. if you do not like a particular alert just dont download it. If you have no use for "school zones" or "DUI Check Point" alerts simply do not select those when downloading. I know what you mean by false alerts. But you have to understand that the database does not change your GPS into a radar detector.

It merely tells you where a possible speed trap may be located. Those areas where the speed linit drops from 65 to 35 MPH and Barny Frank is waiting to pounce on you to hand you a $400.00 ticket. Hey Its better to get the alerts an see no cop than be surprized by a cop waiting for you around a bend when you are doing 10+ over the limit. Anyways, If you get a false alert you can simply go to Phanton Alert and rate the POI "remove" and they will remove it. The database is new and will get better as more people report and verify locations. I am in all the way. I report, verify and down load locations all the time. I have coverd most of DC, MD an VA speed traps, camera locations and school zones. I hope you do the same for your city.

See It In Action Here - Video

How Much Does it Cost?

Phanton Alert has various pricing levels depending on the service you order. You can order an unlimited membership for only $99.99 for a lifetime, or opt to get the monthly $9.99 package, or yearly $39.99 package. Note that you must have a GPS (Global positioning satellite) enabled navigation device to participate in this membership full of amazing benefits. You will be alerted to almost every possible law enforcement location, however, Phanton Alert does not guarantee you will be cover 100% and will not get a ticket.

Tip: Watch the easy tutorial video before downloading - trust me it will save you time. I recommend the $99.99 life time deal as you can share it with friends and family. (use it on multiple devices)

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I can tell you from personal experience that this service is actually very well worth your money. I prefer the yearly package as it will save you a ton in the long run. The network of spotters seems to be increasing, giving coverage to nearly every area in the United States. Recently PhantomAlert has been featured on major news shows on CBS, NBC, and CNN. This product is real and is not a gimmick. The quality behind it says it all. Watch Highlights of the FOX News Video Here

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